• What is a “Square in Roofing?” How to Measure Your Roof

    Many people wonder “how big is a square in roofing?”. This blog post will answer this question and provide more information on how to measure your roof.

    Measurement of your Roof

    What does it actually mean to measure your roof’s height? Measurements of your roof are done by measuring from one corner to the other.

    You will need a yardstick or tape measure to measure the roof. Start at the corner of your house, and then walk around marking each measurement. This will allow you to determine how many squares your roof has.

    Also, measure the slope of your roof. Roof pitch refers to the angle at which the roof eaves are angled from vertical. It can be measured horizontally from ground level on any building or home by measuring the distance between the pitches adjacent. This is the height where water would run off.

    Calculating How Many “Squares” You

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